Episode #30: Live To Tape

Beautiful attractive young sweaty woman drinking water after exercise workout, rehydrating thirst quenching, isolated.
Episode 30 of #Millennial welcomes back a familiar voice to the program, but he doesn’t make it out alive.

– Listener feedback starts us off with an important lesson on U.S. labor law and why we should all care.

– Devil’s Advocate reveals one of us is a moral fucking delinquent and weirdly passionate about adulterers’ rights.

– Last week’s gut-wrenching murder of two broadcast journalists live on TV has us all– once again– digging deep into a conversation about gun control and mental illness.

– Miley Cyrus teaches the world you get what you pay for by dropping a surprise new album– for free. It’s worth about exactly that much.

– And because the world is #doomed, we share another tragic story out of India, where a Machiavellian town council has sentenced two young girls to be raped in penance for their brother’s affair. There aren’t words large enough to describe our horror and condemnation.

– BREAKING: Republican presidential contender Chris Christie is suffering from clinical sleep deprivation; only logical explanation for weird new immigration proposal.

– Hidden from the Headlines: The Safe Drinking Water Act hasn’t been updated since 2000– and, since then, hundreds of new water pollutants have been discovered to cause cancer. But they’re still totally legal, and no one’s reporting on it. We demand to know why.

– Producer’s Choice: If we could change just one thing about the world, what would it be? Andrew reveals his paranoia.

– The show closes out with Surprise, Bitch! and an infuriating installment of the Newlywed Game with Laura, who we will never have back on the show again. JUST STOP WE LITERALLY CANNOT ANYMORE.

And in this week’s After Dark:

– We discuss some really bizarre yet commonplace practices that are, somehow, socially acceptable.

– Another Producer’s Choice asks us to talk about our relationship with our parents, and how the hell we haven’t managed to kill them yet. Just kidding. Love you, mom!

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