Episode #29: The Biggest Hypocrite


A busy week of news leaves us with another jam-pack show filled with fun, drama, and an important discussion on harassment online. Note: This episode was recorded before the tragic shooting that occurred in Virginia on Wednesday morning.

– Our show is like a Tinder match you don’t remember swiping right on – so are the hosts’ friendships.

– Listener Ashley shares her experience with a for profit college – just as we suspected, it’s godawful.

– Joe Fedele made us a special t-shirt, which is cause for much rejoicing.

– 1 in 2 #Millennials don’t classify themselves as 100% heterosexual. New show slogan: #Millennial: Not 100% heterosexual.

– Josh Duggar’s statement about his infidelity and membership on Ashley Madison leave us feeling bad for one person: his wife.

– Can you be amused by the Ashley Madison data breach while still recognizing that hacking data is kind of a dick move?

– We talk about the lack of diversity in the Harry Potter films, and in Hollywood in general – prepare for a return to debate in our Facebook group!

– Hidden from the Headlines looks at the case of Ariel Cetrone, who was recently fired from her government job after asking for paid maternity leave.

– In light of a topic we touched on last week, we delve a bit deeper into discussing online harassment: how you can identify it, what you can do about it, and just how frequently it occurs.

– An odd Steve Buscemi related Confessional inspires an even stranger impromptu confessional for Andrew. Yes, he jerked off somewhere inappropriate. Again.

And on this week’s edition of After Dark:

– Banksy’s Dismaland: “A theme park unsuitable for children.” Matt’s excited about this – he hates children.

– Joe Biden “mulls” a White House run – we discuss his likelihood of success, his verbal diarrhea, and whether he or Hilary will pander harder to distance themselves from the Obama presidency.

– Everyone’s favorite footlong man, Jared from Subway, has officially been found guilty of commissioning child porn and raping minors. Fuck this guy.

As promised during today’s discussion, below are resources for anyone struggling with suicidal thoughts:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1 (800) 273 8255

For listeners outside the U.S., The International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) provides information for crisis numbers and centers throughout the world.

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