Episode #33: Dope Pope


#Millennial is here on this holy Wednesday to welcome the Pope to America and depress us all with the latest news.

– Welcome, Pope Francis! Get the hell out, tourists!

– Volkswagen admits to programming their cars to cheat the U.S. emissions tests. Another PR trophy for the company associated with Nazis.

– It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a fucking clock guys, put down the handcuffs. 9th grader Ahmed Mohamed was arrested when teachers mistook his science project for a bomb. Is Islamophobia at play here? Does anyone remember we have a 4th amendment?

– Binge watching TV means you’re lonely and depressed, says new study and 4/4 #Millennial hosts’ personal experience. What’s new in Fall television, and what do our consumption habits say about us?

– Hidden from the Headlines: “Boy play,” i.e. rape, is a sick sign of social status in certain Afghan circles and has been a silent epidemic in the country. And U.S. soldiers are being punished for trying to stop it.

– Surprise, bitch! brings another Canadian on the program and we make her explain the basics of the upcoming election.

In this week’s installment of After Dark:

– A few WTF News stories beg the question– how much jail time is too much for getting your hands on Nutella?

– A new study out of Chapman University explores what people look for in a romantic partner. Men and women have slightly different ideals, they say– but can we trust these findings?

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