Episode #2×44: Beautiful Disaster

Buckle up, minions: we’re so deep in the Dumpster Fire the theme music is no longer audible.

A budding podcaster and professional quitter joins us this week. Welcome back, Micah!
What are we thankful for? Nothing (except Bruce Springsteen).
Trump was shocked to learn that the leader of the free world tends to live in the nation’s capital.
Alexander Hamilton has a thing about picking fights with Vice Presidents, which is a convenient distraction for the $25 million Trump University settlement. But for real…
America fucked up: nationalists and racists in the White House, threats of mass deportation and Obamacare repeal. Call Speaker Ryan and voice your support for the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare): (202) 225-0600
Speaking of unstable sociopaths, Kanye has kicked off his 2020 campaign by going to rehab. #blessed
California, Imma let you finish, but South Carolina had the best USExit of ALL TIME!
We talk Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (hint: the West Wing circa 2017) BEWARE: Here there be spoilers!
Listener Earnie piques Andrew’s interest in being a cross-contintental road whore.

And on this week’s installment of After Dark:

“Hello darkness my old friend,” said the Walmart employee as he ventured into the dimly lit megamart at 3 am for a long day of scanning barcodes and questioning the life choices that led him to this point.
Who the fuck goes Black Friday shopping anyway? (hint: Andrew)
Can millennials and our lack of disposable income save future generations of retail workers from this most heinous of shopping holidays?

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