Episode #2×45: Won’t Let Go


It’s the Andrew and Matt show on this week’s #Millennial, so we’re doing things a little differently!

– Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday: We recap these four… uh… holidays.

– Updates: The New York Times has seen some major growth since the Election, while fake news continues to spin out of control.

– We share our thoughts on Disney’s latest musical, Moana. Did they try to create another Let It Go ‘moment’? Andrew thinks so.

– NASA wants help in making it easier for astronauts to poop.

– Listeners write in with their questions regarding fandom, heartbreak, Los Angeles, good habits, and holiday traditions.

– Surprise Bitch: Redemption Edition. One person answers, another doesn’t (but we end up speaking to the latter in After Dark!).

And this week in After Dark:

– Andrew and Matt take more listener questions. What are our stipulations for being in porn (which makes us wonder if tops or bottoms get paid more)? What do we recommend getting family members or significant others for the holidays (which leads us into a long discussion about the Amazon Echo)?

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