Episode #2×43: Beauty and the Fantastic Beast


  • Well, we’re back from our election trip, and everything is terrible. But we’re kicking this episode off with a soothing meditation session to help you ugly cry those election woes out.
  • Speaking of the election, we’re taking a break from politics this week. Sorry not sorry.
  • We share stories of our adventures in DC, and Laura’s harrowing tale of being bullied by a second grader brings on the feels.
  • Fantastic Beauty and the Beasts starring Hermione Granger coming to a theater near you!
  • New from JKR: Andrew Sims and the Prisoner of Glowing Japanese Toilets.
  • Apart from electing Orange Hitler, the US fails in other ways: tales of sugar addiction and lack of butt hoses (for that nice clean feeling!).
  • Lauren from Dallas actually answered her phone, so we’ll be “surprising” her exclusively from this point forward.

And in this week’s After Dark:

  • Call it a Facebook Newsfeed, they said. It won’t negatively impact the election at all, they said.
  • “Hillary Clinton drinks the blood of puppies and bathes in stem-cell baths daily.” We report – you share to your racist cousin’s wall like a fucking idiot.
  • Is this really happening?

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