Episode #2×37: Wanna Get Pregnant?


  • Andrew met Bruce Springsteen and died from exposure. RIP.
  • But he’ll be resurrected in time for election night – where we’ll all be hanging out in D.C. to watch the results roll in. Think you might want to join? Let us know here.
  • BREAKING NEWS: Using loopholes to avoid paying millions in taxes unironically lauded by campaign whose slogan is “law and order.”
  • “How to Win at Debating by Being a Keebler Elf,” a novel, by Tim Kaine.
  • Hidden from the Headlines brings us the story of the poor, downtrodden plastic industry, yearning for freedom from France’s tyrannical environmental laws. #NotTheOnion
  • Fuck Off, Cupid – and an associated tirade against people who can’t handle rejection.
And in this week’s After Dark:
  • Laura’s been vlogging live from her car – what are some of our biggest pet peeves re: rules of the road and terrible drivers? AP Choice investigates.
  • AP Choice also asks us about marriage. Where do we stand on it? Will any of us attain it? Why do listeners email us asking why we aren’t already? More at 10.

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