Episode #2×38: Everything

  • Haiti’s death toll from Hurricane Matthew has soared past 900 — and thousands more are suffering from the rapid spread of cholera. Donate whatever you can spare to Unicef’s Haiti mission or Hope for Haiti
  • “BREAKING NEWS: DONALD TRUMP SHOCKS WORLD, REVEALS RAMPANT SEXISM” said no one who’s watched him speak longer than 10 seconds before today.
  • TapeGate does reveal one new thing, however: Donald Trump isn’t just a minsogynst. He’s also a sexual assaulter. And he brags about it.
  • These. Aren’t. Just. WORDS.  
  • The second presidential debate: where no one won, because we all lost. 
  • Pol Pot. Kim Jung Un. Donald Trump. Which of these is not like the other? (Trick question.)
  • Hidden from the Headlines warns against fear mongering with a new, surprising revelation: the world is actually doing okay. (Mostly.)
  • Surprise, bitch! Have you ever heard of Harry Potter?
And in this week’s After Dark:
  • Pence/Trump: the new GOP dream, why everyone is advocating for it, and why it won’t happen.
  • “Yer a wizard, Thomas.” We sort the Founding Fathers – and the presidential candidates – into Hogwarts Houses.

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