Episode #2×36: Laura’s Son


  • Americans: You’re running out of time to register to vote. Get on that NOW if you haven’t already!
  • Shout out to our friend Sarah at the HP-Alliance – their most recent campaign is called Wizard Rock the Vote, and its endeavor is to register new voters and empower people to get out the vote in their own communities. Hit the link above to participate, and enter for a chance to win a Harry Potter book signed by J.K. Rowling!
  • Laura wants us to get our flu shots, while Andrew wants to know what we’d save in a fire.
  • Oh yeah, a debate happened! We discuss what went right for Hillary and wrong for Trump. We also play a few of our favorite moments.
  • The Number: Debate Edition. Just how rude did Trump get?
  • It’s still not safe to be black in America:  Alfred Olango, Terence Crutcher,  Keith Scott, Tyre King
  • Phones in cars are very dangerous. Should cell phone makers do something about it?
  • Surprise, Bitch: It’s Laura’s son! He’s drunk, alone, and watching Narcos. Laura wants to give him a lesson in ‘playing with his phone’ 😉 😉 😉

This week, in After Dark

  • Laura’s phone is wet 😉 😉 😉
  • We discuss business horror stories. Who’s screwed us over, and what are we doing about it?

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