Episode #2×30: His Own Worst Enemy

Golden ticket winner Claire toughs out a packed show about Trump’s downward spiral. But first:
  • Bucket Lists: what’s on ours, and why do they all entail the same thing.
  • Trumpster Fire 2016: further and further down the rabbit hole we go.
  • The Donald doubles down on his “Obama is the founder of ISIS” remarks, then claims sarcasm, then says he wasn’t being sarcastic. 
  • Some people are saying he’s become psychologically unhinged. We’re not saying that, but some people are. 
  • An ideological screening test for immigrants – coming to an authoritarian regime near you!
  • Hidden from the Headlines asks why the recent shooting in Milwaukee has fallen of the media’s radar so fast.
  • The Number. Sponsored by generational poverty. 
And this week’s After Dark is ratchet AF:
  • Fuck Off, Cupid! features our latest gems from the online dating world. 
  • We read another part of Andrew’s now-famous Scorpius/Albus Severus fan fiction… some of us in front of our parents. 

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