Episode #2×29: Hear Hear


Golden ticket winner #2 hails from Australia and brings her pet wallaby onto the show! Not really, but you fucking believed it for a second.
  • Team USA is dominating the Olympics right now, so when the GOP completes our country’s transformation into a fascist hellscape, maybe Brazil will take us.
  • A new report says Millennials are having less sex than any other generation of the past 60 years. In related news, a newer report says #Millennials have offered up their services for the greater good. 
  • What’s a podcast without a little emotional whiplash? AP Choice takes us from fun to tragic in 5 seconds flat.
  • Dumpster Fire 2016 has some bad news for the country’s resident demagogue, but also WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK is this about assassination rhetoric? How can we become complacent to this? No kidding guys, normalizing implications of violence is how despots begin removing their political foes from power.
  • Jenna takes us down under and quizzes us on everything Australia. We know enough to know we’ll never visit without a suitcase full of anti-venom. 
And in this week’s After Dark:
  • “Many people are saying…” is how Trump has been getting away with outlandish statements. So we cultivate a few of our own, and Andrew asks us to defend them. 
  • Two Truths, One Lie: Aussie Edition. 
  • We learn that Aussies wear thongs all year round. Even the men. Sisqo would be proud. 

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