Episode #2×26: Anyone Can Ride Andrew


This episode brought to you by Monday Afternoon: a great time to record if you want to make your convention coverage as dated as possible.
  • The night is always darkest before the dawn, and this week, “the dawn” is Roger Ailes getting thrown out of Fox News.
  • AP Choice and listener feedback asks us about dealing with ignorant family members, the new gay Bachelor, and more.
  • A failed military coup in Turkey initiates a massive despotic crackdown by President Erdogan, and we bring on a Turkish native to give us his POV.
  • How much is your butthole worth? Andrew’s boyfriend is ready to pimp out our favorite host on a new escort service disguised as dating app.
  • Devil’s Advocate asks whether the RNC should walk the walk by allowing open carry at this week’s convention.

ANNOUNCEMENT: We’ll conduct a LIVE stream¬†this Thursday night at 8 PM EST to cover the last night of the RNC, when Trump will deliver his acceptance speech. Patrons will be alerted via email with more details. You can sign up now for as little as $2 to join in.

And in this week’s After Dark:
  • The Olympics are stupid and here’s why.
  • Matt asks us: what was socially acceptable when we were growing up, but no longer is today?
  • Fanny packs, calling collect, and “gay” as a pejorative. The 90s were a dark time.

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