Episode #2×27: Fill That Core


This week’s episode of #Millennial will just be Michelle Obama’s DNC speech on an eternal loop. Thank you and goodnight.
  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Fan Fiction comes out this weekend – only one of us defends its honor.
  • Dumpster Fire 2016 takes aim at the DNC:
  • Tim Kaine is a bowl of warm grains, but he’s cute, so fuck it.
  • You get an email scandal! YOU get an email scandal! Wikileaks – with help from Russia – leaks 20,000 DNC emails and Democrats everywhere cry out as one into the dark night.
  • Let’s talk about Bernie or Bust. We have some words.
  • In more important news: San Diego Comic Con revealed some cool new info and the first superhero trailer worth a damn.
  • Hidden from the Headlines gets real about climate change destroying the oceans and how we should all enjoy our sushi while we can.
  • Surprise, bitch! Goodbye, bitch!
And in this installment of After Dark:
  • Update edition. We follow up with the stories we’ve covered in recent weeks, including the RNC and Turkey’s military coup. 
  • A game of No Context confuses the fuck out of Matt. 
  • Seriously. Go home Matt. You’re drunk.

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