Episode #2×25: GO-ing Nowhere

Bitch we’re back. By popular demand.
  • Brave new world: a lot has changed in two short weeks and we’re still working to process it.
  • Dumpster Fire 2016 is upon us, and #Millennial has some live Google hangouts planned for the upcoming conventions.
  • All bones matter. But when you need a doctor, it’s because one of them is fucking broken and requires additional attention. How difficult of a concept is this?
  • We discuss the horrific murder of several black men, as well as the tragic murders of five cops in downtown Dallas, welcoming people of color to the show to speak on the matter.
  • Goodbye, job. Goodbye, friends. Today we pledge our lives and livelihoods to Pokemon Go, God of Smartphone Apps.
  • George Takei has a problem with new!Sulu being gay, which is weird, because George Takei is kind of gay himself. Do you even #pride bro?

And this week’s After Dark might be our funniest installment yet.

  • Douchecanoes of the Internet, starring:
  • Mischa Barton being tone deaf as fuck;
  • A former podcaster endorsing violence; 
  • And creepy ass fundamentalist Christian Jennifer Mayers spying on her kids’ vaginas.
  • Culminating with a phone call to said psycho, wherein we interview Mayers about ham sandwiches and the antichrist.  

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