Episode #2×24: What’s Your Status?

It’s our last show before a two week summer break, so eat it up sycophants.
  • Andrew is, officially, an Uber driver. Welcome to the jungle. 
  • The Department of Justice is editing the Orlando shooter’s 911 transcripts — is this what everyone means by “PC culture”?
  • “Here’s a novel idea,” they said. “Let’s do nothing,” they said. The Senate votes down all four gun control bills. 
  • A new era of Trump? Campaign manager Corey Lewandowski gets fired and The Donald embarks on a scapegoat tour of the U.S.
  • Britain, you already lost the American colonies. Don’t also lose your marbles. We explain “Brexit” and why it’s the worst idea since Yorktown. 
  • Welcome, redcoat! Laura from Englandtown joins us for a jolly good spot of tea. 
  • Fuck Off, Cupid features new dramatic readings and grave concern over OKCupid’s matching methods. 
And in this week’s After Dark:
  • You have been granted the opportunity to send a birthday gift to your 16-year-old self. What would you give them?
  • We answer for ourselves, and for each other. Someone needs the gift of adult supervision. 
  • Associate Producers’ Choice asks us about wrestling and we meander down a twisted road toward gay stuff. 
  • We’re also asked about celebrities running for office and offer up one of our own. 

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