Episode #2×23: Orlando


  • A major tragedy in the United States calls for a special episode of #Millennial. We discuss the horrific Orlando shooting in-depth.
  • The facts as we know them so far.
  • What issues were at play? And what aspects are standing out this time?
  • Connections to politics: The GOP blocked a bill in December that could’ve prevented this from occurring.
  • We listen to a town hall from a couple of weeks ago in which Obama predicted that something like this would happen. Eerie.
  • Given the gravity of the situation, we speak to a few of our LGBTQ listeners to get their feelings on what happened, and how they’ve responded to the tragedy. Thank you to Mark, Sarah, Jerry, Haley, and Nancy for speaking with us.
  • We turn back to Obama to give us a laugh as he slow jams the news on Jimmy Fallon.
  • Andrew was in London last week for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, so we discuss the J.K. Rowling’s eighth story. Warning: MAJOR spoilers during this part of the show. Don’t listen to this part of the show if you don’t want to be spoiled! We offer a spoiler warning before we get into the juicy details.
  • This week in After Dark we play a spin on “The Number” and discuss whether or not authors should let go of staying in their fictional worlds.

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