Episode #2×21: Welcome, Summer


Trash ass alcohol. Melancholy music. Gays. Welcome, summer.
  • Two new confessions ask for our advice about coming out of the closet and online dating, and we handle the quandaries with the grace of a lemming.
  • This week in uplifting news: Johnny Depp turns out to be an asshole and the Catholic Church turns out to still have some assholes.
  • No NSA? No problem. For a couple million dollars, you too can spy on your citizens!
  • New York City is officially recognizing 31 different genders and it means… well, nothing for us. But potential acceptance for others.
  • A new segment examines a day in the life of social media and rewrites these platforms’ Terms of Service.
  • Our Surprise, Bitch! guest realizes she’s super qualified for a 19-year-old.
And in this week’s After Dark:
  • Continuing with our mocking of social media, we prank call pizza parlors. Can we get a medium pepperoni with a side of Instagram filter?
  • We discuss the Cincinnati Zoo’s decision to shoot and kill a gorilla to save a young boy’s life. We play Devil’s Advocate and argue in favor of letting that slacker perish.

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