Episode #2×20: Simming


  • Celebrate Andrew’s birthday with us and a Dunkin Donuts near you. Check out Urban Diction’s definition of Simming, and thanks to the listeners (led by Cameron) for putting this surprise together.
  • Golden Ticket winners won’t get a lifetime supply of chocolate, but they will get a lifetime supply of embarrassment.
  • News summons the spirit of Alex Trebek in a Jeopardy-style rundown of whatever the fuck is even going on anymore.
  • One country fires half its police force for corruption, while another country just straight up catches on fire. Guess why.
  • “How do you fight a franchise that owns a day of the week?” -Will Smith/Aristotle, probably.
  • The only tale older than time is that of Andrew and Matt being categorically wrong about cinema. Sorry we don’t want to watch Hermione Granger sing to a set of teaspoons for 2 hours.
  • Fuck Off, Cupid returns with three new dramatic readings and a ton of questions about why, merciful Lord, tell us why.
  • AP Choices wrap the show and we all leave pissed at each other over a Disney debate. 
In this week’s After Dark: 
  • Fuck Off, Cupid gets extended into a game. We all answer the matchmaking questions from OKCupid and wager a bet. 
  • Andrew reads us his profile. Laura messages an idiot. Old Beauty and the Beast wounds are healed.

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