Episode #2×19: Detached

  • If a host turns her hair green, but no one sees it, does it still make a sound? 
  • A new oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is trashing shit up — and no one even knew it was happening until a random helicopter pilot was like, oh look, a rotting ecosystem. 
  • Flying is officially not the safest way to travel, because even if the plane makes it, the stress of it all will fucking end your life. 
  • President Obama went Super Saiyan on labor law this week, mandating that salaried employees making less than $47k be eligible for overtime pay. “No bueno.” -Retailers Everywhere
  • France’s lower parliamentary house gets real on work-life balance laws, but we aren’t quite buying their communist agenda.
  • Congratulations to Thomas Manning of Halifax, Massachusetts on his new penis. Reports are mixed as to whether it will be detachable. Matt investigates. Tonight at 9. 
  • A round of No Context and Surprise, Bitch! introduces us to Erin, dear Erin, who deserves a Medal of Honor for her valor in the face of so much dick.
And in this week’s After Dark:
  • Listeners stick it to us with a horde of both thought provoking and Rated-R questions in an Ask Me Anything-style segment. 
  • “Where’s the strangest place you’ve had sex?” asked the listener who now has an answer she really didn’t need in her life.
  • “What’s the sickest you’ve ever been?” asked someone else who also, now, regrets their choices. 

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