Episode #2×18: The Watch Begins

– Performers who don’t show up on time SUCK.

– Obama hates how the media is covering Trump, but loves bison.

– The Political Minute: Goodbye Kasich, hello President Trump. Goodbye endorsements from past Presidents, hello Nickelback.

– Facebook has supposedly avoided putting conservative topics in its Trends section. Is this a problem? And why do government officials care?

– California has raised the age at which you are allowed to purchase cigarettes. Will this help stop the kids from starting to smoke?

– The Number: You spend 50 minutes a day doing THIS.

– Our Surprise Bitch victim will be starring in the new Finding Nemo sequel next month.

– Our AP Choice is about protests: Are they worth attending? Laura shares her experiences attending protests.

And this week, in After Dark

– Pizza, pizza, PIZZA! In this unique installment of After Dark, we spend nearly 25 minutes talking about everything pizza. What are our earliest memories of pizza? What could we do with pizza in the bedroom? At the end of After Dark we prank call the Papa Johns feedback hotline and complain about a particularly nasty pie we received.