Episode #2×17: Cruz’n For A Bruisin’


  • We welcome back the one and only ex-host, Micah! No, literally, he’s the one and only.
  • The Podcast Where It Happens celebrates Hamilton’s slew of Tony nominations! Too bad we’ll never see it live.
  • Andrew plugs the new Hypable, but if you’re like Micah you won’t be visiting it.
  • We offer a few dramatic readings from Fuck Off, Cupid, and discuss what the hell it means when someone describes themselves as a Nice Guy.
  • The news portion of the show is politics-heavy, and as we record we learn that Ted Cruz has dropped out of the race. Trump is now the presumptive nominee. God help us. (Note: This episode was recorded before John Kasich dropped out on Wednesday.)
  • Should Bernie step out of the way now that the Republican side of the Presidential election has been decided?
  • To lighten the mood we play some highlights from Obama’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner speech. Damn, can this guy get a job as a stand up comedian after his term ends?
  • The trailer for the new Ghostbusters movie is one of the most disliked videos in YouTube history. Gee, I wonder why?
  • We play “The Number” and “Game of Moans” — the latter is a fun new game from Matt!

And this week, in After Dark (available this week to $2+ Patrons!)…

  • It’s Teacher Appreciation Week! Each of us discusses one (or a few) of the teachers who’ve impacted our lives.
  • Spoiler alert! We go in-depth on Game of Thrones, the Jon Snow twist, and what we hope to see in the future. Game of Thrones newb Andrew raves about The Wall. According to Laura, raves happen there.

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