Episode #2×01: But WHY?


Season 2 of #Millennial has arrived! Welcome to our second year of podcasting.

– The four hosts survived their New Years celebrations (thanks in part to staying home), and one of us became a mage. What’s a mage?

– Speaking of partying, someone in this episode is secretly drinking. Who is it? Take a guess and we’ll share the answer on 2×02.

– The new year ushers in big new changes for our Patreon. New benefits and milestones are now available for those who pledge $2/month, and we’re now working towards BIG changes for our flagship Patreon feature, After Dark. Lean more by clicking here, and click here to listen to a recent episode of After Dark for free.

– The new year has also ushered in new laws across America. We discuss a few of them, including an official state pie for Illinois!

– New game: Wait But Why? In the premiere installment, we discuss circumcision. WHY?!

– Quickfire News touches on Al Qaeda’s Oregon affiliate, David Bowie, China’s animal-cloning factory, and (sigh) Kim Davis.

– Obama got hard on gun control over our break, and we’re getting hard in return.

– New game: #Millennial for America. Laura and Matt are the first contestants!

And this week, on After Dark:

– Political updates: State of the Union predictions (we recorded just before the speech) and Hillary losing her lead to Bernie.

– Hidden from the Headlines: Microsoft has announced it will begin warning e-mail users of suspected hacking by government agencies. But will they really?

– Making a Murderer: The world’s new obsession.

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