Episode #2×02: Burn It Down

We welcome our friend Selina to the show!

  • Andrew is gearing up for an awful storm in New York.
  • Want to hear us create ButtholeCast? Here are our new plans for our Patreon.
  • Alan Rickman has passed away. It makes us wonder: How many people are hiding their cancer? And why?
  • ­The Iowa caucus is getting close! We look at the frontrunners (lolTrump) and a Sarah Palin endorsement. “Wait, what’s a caucus?” asks Denmark resident Selina.
  • ­Listen feedback addresses uncut dicks and Natalie Cole (— sorry that these two had to share a sentence).
  • ­Who’s the one person we absolutely dread dying? And what the hell will happen when Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling dies?
  • The Guest Game: How will Selina respond to out of context, inside jokes about #Millennial?
  • Flint, Michigan’s water situation is seriously awful. How could this happen in America?
  • Did You Know?
  • Wait… But Why? returns, and we all feel passionate about the issue of animal cruelty.
  • Laura announces the #Millennial Book Club!

And this week, in After Dark:

  • ­#OscarsSoWhite puts the pressure on The Academy to change how they select nominees and voters. Will it be effective?
  • Western Illinois University’s Mock Presidential Election has predicted Bernie Sanders will be our next president. Could it be?
  • How and why do we mourn celebrity deaths?

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