Episode #24: Impressive

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Our super insightful and captivating #Millennial coverage of July’s latest and greatest kicks off with… a lot of criticism.

-Shooting the Shit covers Apple’s most recent foray into music and we share our best selections

-Producer’s Choice reveals we’re all paid brand alcoholics

-Surprise (Said No One): Bill Cosby is officially, unequivocally, a rapist. Just hours before recording, documents were released that prove he has admitted to it under oath

-SCOTUS talk is back to cover everything from their latest rulings on global warming, gerrymandering, and the national tragedy that is ABC’s failure to develop a reality show

-When online communities implode: a cautionary tale of Reddit and MuggleNet. We share some private frustrations with website businesses and explain why Reddit’s recent meltdown is indicative of a bigger problem

-The Host Confessional: we each share a confession related to our time in the Harry Potter fandom and have to guess whose is whose. Except Matt. He just… isn’t with us by this point.

And in this week’s installment of After Dark:

-The first Republican presidential debate is only one month away. Jesus this is going to be a long campaign season.

-Rubio? Bush? Trump?! Are we really going to get to see these guys fight each other? God is good.

-Andrew shares a very personal and very tasty secret that comes with a special Listener Challenge. #DonutDick

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