Episode #23: =


LOVE WINS! #Millennial is tasting the rainbow in this week’s special episode covering the Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling. But first:

– To celebrate our new Patreon milestones, we’ve made an episode of After Dark free for everyone! Check it out here.

– Producer’s Choice: $10 tier supporters get to contribute topics to the show each week, and this time, they’ve asked us to discuss the new Harry Potter play in London and whether we should all start preparing for the Rise of the Machines.

– BREAKING: 4 out of 9 Supreme Court justices poised to be on the wrong side of history in next generation’s textbooks.

– That’s right: marriage equality is now the law of the land across the United States! Last week, same-sex marriage was deemed constitutionally protected thanks to the 14th amendment’s equal protection clause.

– Supreme Court Justice Kennedy: a great Kennedy, or the greatest Kennedy?

– “I enjoy butt sex,” said Justice Scalia in his vicious dissenting opinion. “But no one will know if I protest really, really hard against this common sense interpretation of the law.”

– Headline: Supreme Court attempts to impregnate every liberal in the nation; also upholds Obamacare.

– The hosts take the isidewith.com political affiliation test, and there are a couple of weird surprises.

– News updates: President Obama sings Amazing Grace, a badass woman single-handedly removes the confederate flag from South Carolina’s capitol, and NBC tells the Trump he’s fired.

РWe introduce a new game to the show and puts Matt on the hot seat.

And in this week’s installment of After Dark:

– WWJD? We play one more round of Devil’s Advocate, this time with Andrew.

– Politics on Facebook: when is it appropriate, when is it annoying, and when will people learn not to argue with Laura?

– The art of seduction. What gets us going? The hosts discuss what’s undone them in the past (hint: doesn’t take much) and what tricks and tips to use in the future. Roll up them sleeves, boys.

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