Episode #22: Chris Pratt World


This week’s episode of #Millennial is packed and features two exciting announcements:

New Patreon milestones are now in place! Movie commentary, embarrassing host challenges, and a mini coast-to-coast #Millennial TOUR are all up for grabs. Check out the details of each cool new milestone and sign up to help us reach them: https://www.patreon.com/millennial
To celebrate our new milestones, we’ve made an episode of After Dark FREE for everyone! From episode 16, this After Dark explores the hosts’ insane foray into a paranormal mystery at one of our¬†vacation houses.

Check out the free After Dark episode here!

And in this week’s news:

– Donald Trump is officially running for President and stands about as much chance as a potato.

– The domestic terrorist attack in Charleston, South Carolina, has the country talking about race and violence… again.

– “‘Nothing can be done to stop this kind of senseless violence,’ says only country where this regularly happens.”

– The $10 bill is going to feature a woman and we offer our best suggestions. Everyone agrees she should not have a penis.

– We are never, ever, ever… going to live this down, but we have a lot of praise for Taylor Swift in light of her triumph over Apple music.

– REMINDER: The world is doomed, mostly because we keep killing everything. A new report confirms what scientists have been warning our dumbasses about for years: we’re entering a new era of mass extinction, and our Apex Predator complex can’t save us this time.

– Surprise, bitch– and sorry, Sweden, but we need you need you to get your furniture appliance trade under control. It’s unseemly.

– PSA: If you have pets, please don’t be an ass and walk them on scorching hot road and/or sidewalk pavement. If you don’t want to walk barefoot on it, neither do they.

In this week’s After Dark:

– One of Matt’s favorite composers passed away this week in a sad, tragic twist of fate.

– The confederate flag– does it have a place being flown on government or U.S. public grounds?

– Why does everyone keep talking about how badly we need to talk about race relations? Where can a dialogue like that actually happen? Please don’t leave it all up to us guys. We’re white as Wonder bread.

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