Episode #21: Jeb!

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The 2016 Presidential race is busier than ever. So too is Hollywood: Viewers were wow’d by Jurassic World and Game of Thrones over the past week. Your #Millennial hosts discuss all that and more on Episode 21!

– Matt had a scary experience during his visit to Oklahoma. Far less scary was Laura’s time at Hillary’s campaign launch event!

– Jeb Bush has announced he’s running for President with his super fun campaign logo which reads “Jeb!” — What’s the deal with this logo and his campaign so far?

– We discuss Jurassic World and Game of Thrones (spoiler-free), the two pop culture entities chomping away at the world this week.

– In the news: Nancy Pelosi goes rogue, Elon Musk announces internet for all, a study looks at how stress hurts your health, and America’s favorite fake black person Rachel Dolezal.

– How do we de-stress? One of Andrew’s suggestions does nothing BUT stress us out.

– Surprise, Bitch! By the way, you and your boyfriend are really attractive.

– New segment: The Incoherent Political Tweet of the Week.

– One of our Patreon supporters request that we discuss mental health and how it’s affected any of our families.

– Note: This episode was recorded on Monday night before Donald Trump announced his Presidential campaign and Rachel Dolezal explained herself on the Today Show.

And this week, on After Dark

– Wow, John Stamos is an idiot.

– Summer television: What are we and our listeners watching?

– Inspired by the girls, Andrew and Matt share their dating stories. Unlike the ladies, their stories are tame.

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