Episode #20: Third World State


Your Tuesday tonic is here. On this 20th episode of #Millennial:

– Black, bitter, and needed at least three times a day. Two of us are addicted to something and one of us shames them.

– The new batch of 2016 presidential candidates has theme songs, bizarre talking points, and zero shot in hell.

– Apple upholds its reputation for revolutionizing never-before-seen technology with… internet radio? Okay.

– 19 and Counting… Down Until Your Final Damnation. The Duggar family parents defend their son Josh, who admits to molesting his younger sisters during his teenage years.

– The Confessional brings in two interesting sex-related secrets. The girls offer up their best advice for someone after their own heart.

– Did you know men who masturbate have pregnant hands in the afterlife? Neither did we.

And in this week’s After Dark:

– We dive into the subject of online dating and relive some of their best-worst stories.

– Visit our links… and stuff.

– We’re sorry Andrew

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