Episode #19: Taboo


Episode 19 of #Millennial is a unique one, as the hosts attempt to unpack the massively challenging and often taboo subject.

-But first, we have a PSA: GET YOUR OWN PHONE CHARGER.

-The U.S. Senate failed to pass a re-authorization of the NSA’s mass surveillance program, meaning the secret spy agency can no longer (legally) collect your phone and internet data in bulk without a warrant. Rand Paul cries joyful freedom tears.

-Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Beau, died of brain cancer over the weekend at the young age of 46. It came as a sad shock to all of us.

And then: we interview #Millennial listener Laura Hanson, rape survivor, victims’ advocate, and badass human being. She shares her very personal experience with sexual assault, including the terrible mess that was her university system’s response. We hope everyone will listen, as it’s both an important issue and a compelling interview. (You can also read Laura Hanson’s story here.)

Afterward, all four hosts share their thoughts on the lessons Laura’s story engenders, and how we can all contribute to a better, safer, and more supportive society for rape victims and survivors.

We close with two Producer’s Choices (discussion topics selected from our $10 tier subscribers), and question what insanity led a hotel in New Orleans to name themselves after President Andrew Jackson. Do they kick you out of bed at night and make you walk 1,000 miles home?

In this week’s After Dark:

-Laura is going to a Hillary Clinton rally! What can we make her do that’s both embarrassing but (mostly) legal?
-Bruce Jenner debuts Caitlyn, her true self, on the cover of Vanity Fair, and instantly destroys social media.
-Conspiracy theories: the lost cosmonauts. This is part 1 in an ongoing conversation about our favorite theories, whether they have any merit, and why are we the only one who take aliens seriously?!

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