Create your own #Millennial segment contest!

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Always wanted to create a mini-segment for a bunch of jackasses who use a silent hashtag in their title? Welcome to your dream come true! We are seeking listener submitted mini segments in our new Create Your Own Segment contest! 

What are the parameters, you ask? Don’t fear, we’re not going to be assholes about this. The only hard rules we’ve got are… 

– Your segment should be 3-5 minutes. 
– Your segment should include 2-4 hosts. 
– Your segment should be original. If you’d like to discuss a topic we have already covered on the show, try to examine a perspective that has not already been represented. 
– You may also play one of our games if you wish, but again, try to take an original spin on it! We all know how to play drunk or kid for instance, but we want to see what cool thing you can do with it! 
– Make sure your audio recording sounds as good as possible. Turn off devices in the background or your room that may be creating noise (like loud air conditioners for example).

If you’re looking for people to collaborate with, we highly recommend checking in our Facebook group: The folks over there are very invested, and often discuss stories we are unable to get to on the show! 

All submissions should be emailed to by no later than Friday, June 5th. The top three submissions will be featured on episode 20!

Happy podcasting! 

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