Episode #25: The Force Is Stolen


Down side: it’s Tuesday and the week is blossoming anew with work, more work, and work. Upside: #Millennial is here with your weekly dose of mediocre podcasting.

-Andrew tells us all about the perils of Comic-Con and how he defiled a holy light saber with his asscrack.

-Producer’s Choice asks us to evaluate the judgment thrust on 20-somethings who still live at home with their parents. Trust us. No judgment coming from this direction, folks.

-Why do some flags inspire ire and outrage while the U.S. flag is let off the hook? An update on the confederate flag controversy engenders a few theories.

-If you leave your pet inside a car on a hot day, we are going to break in, rescue it, burn your car to the ground and curse your first-born, whether it’s legal or not. But Tennessee just made it easier.​

-#Millennial Investigates: Greece. The country is in dire straights and the hosts finally unpack the long, sordid history that led to the ongoing crisis. You might say Germany is being a bit… fascist with its lending terms. #TooSoon

-Surprise, bitch! And welcome to America, where we make up for our lack of poutine with a little side dish known as freedom.

-Devil’s Advocate: Harry Potter versus Twilight forces Laura to say a lot of soul-crushing things about our beloved wizard.

-WTF News covers the curious case of Atticus Finch in Harper Lee’s long-awaited sequel to the literary classic To Kill a Mockingbird. Seriously though, what in the actual FUCK, Harper Lee?

And in this week’s After Dark:

-Our #DonutDick listener challenge got some hilarious responses, and we really respect that you all put your relationships to the test just for our personal amusement.

-Social do’s and don’ts — what common courtesy rules people most often fail to follow, and why people who block the fucking sidewalk should have their citizenship revoked.

-Predictably, this conversation goes off the rails and ventures into why not everyone on the show is comfortable with sexual fluids. #GlazeThatDonut

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