Episode #15: God Save The Hosts

#Millennial is back just in time to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a touch of #American exceptionalism.

This week:

-Time to piss off some redcoats. Patreon raffle winner Landon asks us to discuss the UK elections. So. You mean the UK doesn’t exist in a wormhole wherein time has stood still since 1408 and landed gentry prance around cobbled streets in powdered wigs?

-We learn there are a lot of parallels between UK and U.S. elections, except that ours are birthed in Freedom.

-In this week’s news, we update listeners on the situation in Baltimore. Thankfully, this time we aren’t recording to a backdrop of arson.

-The White House recently took responsibility for killing Americans during a drone strike. Are drones Constitutional? Are they ethical? Will we ever stop talking?

-There aren’t enough PR professionals on the planet to save SeaWorld from itself. But some of us have fond childhood memories anyway.

-The hosts take a personality test and discover that Andrew is like the high school quarterback, if the high school quarterback were the President of the AV Club.

-The Apple Watch: Allowing you to send farts to friends since 2015.

-REMINDER: Our live show is on Sunday, May 17th at 8 PM EST. To be able to join, you can donate to the show on Patreon at any tier level.

And in this week’s After Dark:

-“What’s your earliest memory?” begins with normal answers and quickly devolves into weird, weird shit.

-What would happen if we all had a child together? What would that freak even look like?
-There’s a corpse at the end of the bed. It has Laura’s skin.

-The new Republican presidential candidates. Jesus Christ.

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