Episode #16: The World Is Doomed

Happy Tuesday! The world is doomed.

On this week’s episode of #Millennial:

-Mother’s Day brings out the worst in social media. We get it. You love your mom. Get a room.

-An update on the UK elections; democracy is beautiful. If you’re a Tory.

-The NSA’s mass surveillance program has been ruled illegal! What does this mean for the NSA– and the presidential election– moving forward?

-Congratulations, humanity. We’ve officially reached record-breaking amounts of carbon pollution in our atmosphere. Trophy for shittiest species on Earth goes to us.

-WTF News covers the story of a woman who blames her racist outburst on Satan.

-Patron’s Choice: What’s the worst lie we’ve ever told to get out of something?

-Question of the Week: What’s something that’s both really awesome and really shitty? Some of our listeners’ answers are too real.

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And on this week’s After Dark:

-The hosts keep their promise from last week and tell the infamous Ouija board story. This takes up half of After Dark because it was such a paranormal milestone in all of their lives.


-Laura has an issue with people who don’t tip well, and this poses the question: what’s something we’re all really judgmental about? Apart from people who don’t believe in Ouija boards.

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