Episode #1: The Hashtag Makes Us Cool… Right?

John Boehner Holds Weekly Press Briefing At The Capitol

We’re back. Introducing #Millennial, an entertainment show by a group of podcasting veterans. The hashtag makes us cool… right?

The very first episode of #Millennial is one weird mix of Tweets, Fandoms, masturbation and John Boehner. Because why not.

  • What is this “Millennial” business, who the hell are these people, and why should I give a single fuck?
  • The show is free, but we explain Patreon and what kind of kickass benefits come with donating.
  • Question of the Week: You are God. What punishment do you smite Earth with? (Today we seem to be smiting it with an overabundance of grammatically-challenged questions.)
  • Has John Boehner stooped to a new low by undermining the Presidency’s role as Foreign Relations officer? Spoiler alert: yes. (You can read up on the story here.)
  • Rise, Nerds: the entertainment industry is making bank thanks to the power of fandoms, whether that’s Harry Potter or Hunger Games or Lord of the Rings.
  • #WhoTheFuckIsFred?
  • WTF News: The New England Patriots are being accused of cheating. Again. But at least it’s sparked a long-awaited debate in this country over the merits of hard balls.
  • Shout-out to the infamous Joe Fedele for being a master graphic artist. We have him to thank for our album art and banner. A+ work from one smokin’ ass dude.

Sign up to support the show for $5 a month on Patreon, and get a ton of fun and substantive bonus content, including “After Dark,” an additional 30 minutes’ worth of show with extended discussion and new segments. In this week’s installment of After Dark:

  • There’s a blizzard hitting the Northeast. It only matters to the Northeast. Micah gets pissy over the news coverage. No one cares, Micah.
  • Are Americans such sensitive little flowers now that we remove movies (I’m looking at you, “The Interview”) over the mere threat of unfounded violence? Andrew has a bone to pick.
  • We forgot to plug social media in the main show. Shit. We’re really bad at this now.

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