Episode #2: Frozen Pipes


The second episode of #Millennial is here! Congratulations to us! We made it further than we thought.
  • Senator @ChuckGrassley still hasn’t explained who the hell “Fred” is, but our investigative listeners did it for him.
  • The Superbowl was great fun and sent everyone who watched it running to their therapist.
  • Question of the Week: What’s the best insult you know that doesn’t utilize a curse word?
  • This week in news: Mitt Romney decides not to run for president because no one wants him, Chipotle deserves some kudos for taking a moral stand against animal torture, and the next Game of Thrones book is officially slated to be released never.
  • Main discussion: Islam in the 21st century. Charlie Hebdo, Boko Haram, ISIS– all insane ass extremist groups perpetuating negative stereotypes of Muslims. But is that fair? What makes Islam different from other religions? What makes it exactly the same? Why does Matt think they follow Jesus?
  • WTF News reveals that McDonald’s has made a grave, grave error, and Mike Huckabee thinks being gay is synonymous with eating a metric shitload of shrimp.
  • SURPRISE, BITCH! Patreon subscriber Tiffany gets a phone call, and Matt jumps right in by asking her about her pipes. Buy the poor girl dinner first, Matt. Jesus.

And this week, After Dark features:

  • Sex
  • Sex
  • Anal
  • We have questions. Andrew has answers.
  • Because the group thinks that it’s a ridiculously fun topic that also carries some weight. There are a lot of stigmas and unhealthy attitudes toward sex in our society, and we’re going to break them down, one vibrator at a time.

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