Episode #9×46: What We’re Leaving Behind in 2023, Our Predictions For 2024

  • Welcome to #Millennial, the home of pretend adulting and real year-end talk!
  • Chloé, Marc, and Pat join us for another holiday gift exchange and 2024 predictions!
  • How many of our 2023 predictions were wrong? Tbh the majority.
  • In a show first, the USPS has failed us with getting all gift exchange packages delivered on time.
  • “Touch grass, eat ass.” #Millennial’s new slogan encouraging expanding your social circle!
  • What’s to come in 2024 according to our panel? Biden will win re-election, Trump VP pick predictions, Andrew’s yearly death prediction, how AI will break news, and upcoming entertainment release predictions.
  • This week, we’re giving our RECOMMENDATION OF THE YEAR! Future (Laura), Lancome Monsieur Big in Waterproof (Chloé), the Steam Deck (Marc), Bumble BFF (Andrew), getting a foldable chair with a canopy (Pat), and Dossier for dupe fragrances (Pam).

And in this final 2023 installment of After Dark:

  • Oxford’s 2023 Word of the Year is… Rizz? Does this resonate with anyone?
  • We review previous words of the year and evaluate whether they have any staying power, or if being designated ‘word of the year’ is a death sentence for a word’s popularity.
  • What happened in prior years to inspire these selections? Much like a Magic 8-Ball, answers are (somewhat) unclear.

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