Episode #9×31: How To Make $18k Per Month, Tampon-gate Strikes Again, TikTok Tests New Music App

  • Welcome to #Millennial, the home of pretend adulting and real talk!
  • Spotify has a $38 million white noise problem. They’re paying ad dollars for their own algorithm to direct listeners to independent white noise podcasts instead of Spotify’s own white noise music.
  • Some white noise podcasts are raking in $18k per month – we clearly got into the wrong podcasting business.
  • Still, we try our hand at #Millennial branded white noise. Would you sub??
  • More steamer price hikes: Disney+ has announced a 27% price increase, which Hulu promising a 20% increase. Take one well-educated guess about which streamers are on the chopping block for our panel.
  • Hurricane Hilary gave something unexpected to the US Southwest, and we look at the up and coming hurricane names for the 2023 forecast. Watch out for Hurricane Gert!
  • It was not until the year of our Lord 2023 that menstrual products’ absorbency was tested with blood, not water. #Tampongate strikes again.
  • ‘TikTok Music’ is in beta mode in Brazil, Indonesia, Australia, Mexico, and Singapore. Is this the future of learning about new music??
  • How do we find new music?
  • We’ve got hot recommendations fresh off the press this week! NOAA’s National Hurricane Center (Laura), VPNs (Andrew), and ‘Never Say Never with Jeff Jenkins

And in this week’s installment of After Dark:

  • An Illinois law forcing parents to share part of their revenue with their children is going into effect in 2024.
  • What aspects of this law would have helped us when we were unpaid minor workers?
  • Another MuggleSuck entry: Andrew recounts a time when a certain someone wanted to pay him in experience and exposure, not cold hard cash.

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