Episode #9×30: Forcing a Friendship, Can ‘I Love You’ Come Too Soon?, Grappling With Friends Unfollowing You

  • Welcome to #Millennial, the home of pretend adulting and real friendship and romance talk!
  • The Hot Indictment Summer hits just keep coming: TRUMP. IS. INDICTED. FOR. A. FOURTH. TIME!
  • This week’s episode is a mailbag show, so we’re covering as many confessionals and pieces of feedback as we can (*in 90 minutes, Andrew is flying the night of our recording, and he’ll kill us if we give him another 2 hour edit).
  • Uh oh, we influenced too close to the sun: using ChatGPT to write cover letters.
  • The Adventures of Ronald the SAG President and Nancy the Throat Goat.
  • Ugh Chrissy, stop inviting yourself to your coworkers’ weddings. No one invited you!
  • A confessional writer grapples with supporting their child’s preferences while also protecting them from a family of Trumpers.
  • We’re all inspired by a confessional writer who did a boudoir photoshoot for her husband-to-be. Free those titties!
  • Is it possible to say “I love you” too soon? What’s the right amount of time?
  • Why is being unfollowed on social channels by people we personally know so hurtful? Do we spite unfollow people?
  • Honestly, there’s no thread to connect this week’s recommendations: The TWA Hotel at JFK International Airport (Laura), Pluto TV (Andrew), and Beauty of Joseon sunscreen (Pam).

And in this week’s installment of After Dark:

  • Instead of breaking a celebrity death, TMZ recently broke news of a death HOAX!
  • We reflect on the celebrity deaths that shook the culture, and look at why TMZ isn’t following the same rules of journalistic ethics as more mainstream outlets. Does that somehow make them better at breaking news?
  • Hide your nudes – a member of the panel has sold footage to TMZ before!

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