Episode #9×22: Tax The Rich, Save Their Lives

  • Welcome to #Millennial, the home of pretend adulting and real submersible talk!
  • We’re certainly hoping for good news for the five aboard the Titan submersible, but we can’t help but marvel at the hubris and lack of regulations that got us here.
  • UPDATE: Bud Light is no longer the number 1 selling beer in the US: it has been replaced by Modelo Especial.
  • Andrew strikes back: after being triggered last week by Laura’s character assassination of Corona Light, Andy stands in defense of his beloved pilsner style lager.
  • Illinois is banning… book bans! They’re the first state to do this in response to local and national increases in book banning attempts in the last year.
  • Can the Biden admin really tout their latest achievement re: Ticketmaster as a crackdown on junk fees? Sure, consumers can expect to start seeing these upfront now, but it doesn’t (yet) prevent ticket companies from charging these fees.
  • Reddit, aka “the front page of the internet” is under fire due to another douchey tech CEO doing douchey tech CEO things.
  • Reddit announced that they will begin charging developers for API calls to Reddit servers, resulting in a potential yearly cost of $20 million for developers who maintain third party Reddit apps. The rub? These third party apps are widely regarded to be better than Reddit’s official one!
  • To top the drama off, CEO Steve Huffman has been mishandling communications on the subject and threatening Reddit’s community of unpaid moderators. In response, thousands of subreddits have gone dark, and many others have begun posting explicit content in protest.
  • And because life isn’t crazy enough, a global cyber attack successfully breached several government agencies and private companies last week, including the US Department of Energy, Shell Oil, and University of Georgia, among others.
  • While we’re on the topic of security, let’s talk credit card security! We share our tips and tricks for keeping your credit cards secure, and make some recommendations around our favorite credit cards.
  • This week’s recommendations are all over the place: Keep an eye on SCOTUS decisions to be released Thursday for potential student loan updates (Laura), NerdWallet (Pam), and ‘The Other Two’ for the best depictions (and predictions) of Hollywood (Andrew).

And in this week’s installment of After Dark, available on Patreon and Apple Podcasts:

  • There’s nothing more cringe than a workplace icebreaker, and we’re inspired to discuss them and childhood cringe by this tweet.
  • We each bring a never before shared childhood cringe story – some of these revelations are SHOCKING!
  • We each bring our own ice breaker question to the table, and pose them to each other. The answers we give are… enlightening.

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