Episode #9×21: Authors Versus Reviewers, Monitoring Local Air Quality, Netflix Gains Members After Crackdown

  • As we record on arraignment eve, the crew brings some news for your consideration from the last week. Don’t miss our Breaking News coverage of the indictment being unsealed — activate a free Patreon trial today!
  • Did Sarah Stusek bring a GoodReads review bombing and lost publishing deal on herself after she called a reviewer a bitch?
  • Does current social media culture putting reviews front and center for creators inspire this kind of bad behavior?
  • Tbh, we don’t think a 4 star rating is something to lose your shit over.
  • The eastern US received a lesson in how to live with wildfire smoke blanketing the region, and Californians gave a collective side-eye.
  • It’s a whole new world for Laura, who’d never had to contend with toxic wildfire smoke.
  • Pam and Andrew give their tips for monitoring the AQI (air quality index) and taking safety precautions.
  • Epic fail y’all: Netflix is reporting record signups in the wake of its crackdown on password sharing, meaning many of us didn’t cancel our subscriptions.
  • The data they’re reporting on is questionable though… watch this space.
  • This week’s recommendations will make you feel smarter: ‘Happy-Go-Lucky’ by David Sedaris (Laura), ‘Burn It Down’ by Maureen Ryan (Pam), and ‘Jury Duty’ on Amazon Prime (Andrew).

And in this week’s installment of After Dark, available on Patreon and Apple Podcasts:

  • It’s another MuggleSuck – this time, Andrew reflects on an interaction with appreciation, but Pam and Laura are still giving bombastic side-eye.
  • Laura brings an example of promises made, promised back pedaled.
  • And a listener from the early days accuses one of us of taking a bong rip on air. We launch a formal indictment and investigation to identify the perpetrator.

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