Episode #8×38: We’re In The Business of Canceling

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  • COVID gets close to Andrew and he enters a quarantine mode to stay safe. Will he successfully avoid the ‘vid? Find out the exciting conclusion in two weeks!
  • Meanwhile, Laura and Pam have their own COVID-related updates… #PrickMeDaddy
  • Paramore has brought back their massively popular song “Misery Business” after they canceled any and all live performances two years ago. Was it right to bring it back… or cancel it in the first place?
  • What songs truly haven’t aged well? Andrew and Pam have thoughts on songs with “Fire” in the words by Andrew’s husband. And what on Chromatica was Gaga thinking by teaming up with R. Kelly less than a decade ago!?
  • The makers of UNO have reminded everyone about an alleged rule, which has sent players into a tailspin. The panel get into a discussion about their own House Rules with board games and drop some new recommendations!
  • Dank Brandon rises. We run through how he aims to decriminalize marijuana and discuss why the hell it’s classified as a Schedule I drug.
  • Recommendations: Spot It card games (Andrew), Vampire Survivors game (Laura), Derry Girls season 3 (Pam)

And this week in After Dark, available on Patreon:

  • Our social media manager Chloé joins us to discuss the Millennial Pause. What is it? Does anyone we work with have it? And is The Pause actually a problem, or are people just looking for more things to complain about when it comes to millennials?
  • GIFs, Bitmojis, and not understanding social media apps: Are these all problems for millennials? Can Andrew no longer use his precious Bitmojis?! (He LOVES his fall outfit tho!)
  • Chloé drops a couple of updates concerning what’s in and out for Gen Z. (Heads up: Cheugy is still out)
  • What is the BuzzFeed Accent?

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