Episode #8×35: Don’t Marinate Chicken in NyQuil

  • Welcome to #Millennial, the home of pretend marinated chicken recipes and real NyQuil usages. WTF?
  • Is it time to get your new (and improved!) COVID booster? This CDC quiz can help you find out! Then, Laura comes clean about her last booster.
  • Adnan Syed, whose story made international headlines thanks to Serial and Undisclosed Podcast, has been freed.
  • Should we be concerned that cursive is being taught less and less in public schools?
  • Does the panel write in cursive? (Do they write by hand at all?)
  • What did we learn in school that isn’t helping us today? What didn’t we learn that we wish we had?
  • A Confessional about Sexual Fluidity has us asking ourselves and our Patrons… have you ever been attracted to someone outside of your typical sexual orientation?
  • Introducing ‘Dark Brandon Watch’: a new segment where we run through the latest coming out of the Biden Administration.
  • ChloĆ© looooves this week’s tangible recommendations: ‘The Patient’ on FX (Andrew), Apple Cider Vinegar (Laura), and Sally Hanson dry & go drops (Pam).

And in this week’s installment of After Dark:

  • It’s a WTF News edition!
  • If an avalanche of sex toys spills onto the highway, is it stealing to take one?
  • Speaking of sex toys, who knew anal beads could be the secret in a successful chess match?
  • Central Florida loves celebrating its “cooters,” and a Southwest airlines pilot is over all y’all’s dick pics.

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