Episode #8×34: The Queen, The New Prime Minister, and Fobbing Beetle-Headed Clotpoles

  • Welcome to #Millennial, the home of pretend adulting and ROYAL talk!
  • UK-born, Canada-based BAE Patron and Conservation Biologist Megan joins us this episode to keep the stupid Americans on track when talking about Royal traditions and UK politics. Follow Megan over on Instagram @Write2Ride.
  • What were our initial reactions to news of the Queen’s death? To enhance today’s discussion, we’re replacing our regular swear word vocabulary with Shakespearean insults.
  • Laura is very upset at the prospect of the Queen’s Corgis going to bawdy, flap-mouthed pedo Prince Andrew.
  • Honoring a long-held tradition, the royal beekeeper alerted Queen Elizabeth’s bee colony of her passing. 
  • Pam gives us the rundown of what to expect over the next couple of weeks before Queen Elizabeth is finally laid to rest, and we wonder if the UK public still finds the opulence and cost of the Royal family relevant.
  • Megan gives us some insight into how the UK and various Commonwealth countries approach the bank holidays observed in light of the Monarch’s passing. Unfortunately, some localities aren’t recognizing the days off work, and some people may not even receive holiday pay for working.
  • Megan clues us into the ongoing energy crisis in the UK, and why the pomp and circumstance of the Monarchy may not be landing well with the public.
  • Shortly before the Queen’s passing, Liz Truss became Prime Minister following Boris Johnson’s resignation. Who is she, what ideologies is she leading with, and how can the US foresee domestic political trends based on what is happening now in the UK?
  • To everyone shushing the various commonwealth communities for not mourning this death: SHUT UP. We dig in on Britain’s history of colonialism, the privilege carried by those of us who benefit from imperialist attitudes, and how the British Empire left scars around the world that must be answered to.
  • How do UK residents feel about the Monarchy compared to commonwealth countries? We’ll give you one guess…
  • There’s no common thread in this week’s recommendations: BBC World News (Andrew), Ben & Jerry’s Doggie ice cream (Laura), Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ (Pam), and take some time to go outside and connect with nature (Megan).

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