Episode #8×24: Laura and Pam’s Eventful Vacations, Supreme Court Rulings, Scams We’ve All Grown Used To

  • Nothing like a shit week out of SCOTUS and more mass shootings the week of July 4th. Happy Independence Day to the 49% of the population that didn’t lose rights to bodily autonomy in the last week!
  • Pam and Laura had some personal developments occur during our week off – clearly taking a week off from #Millennial is detrimental to our health?!
  • Meanwhile, Andrew encountered a pleasant surprise and discovered that some of his fellow high school alums are still jelly of his efforts in school.
  • Laura is considering moving to a blue state since shit is hitting the fan – and she gives Andrew and Pam some requirements.
  • Apart from abortion, the Supreme Court delivered decisions in a number of cases you should also be concerned with.
  • That said, we are still committed to fun discussions to keep us all going! This week, a TikTok trend inspires us to talk about the biggest scams society has convinced us are normal.
  • Look at the cost breakdown of your latest hospital visit if you want to see how much your local ER is charging you for a bandaid, and really consider whether that big sale is actually costing you more money.
  • What are our ‘Vecna’ songs? (iykyk)
  • Is on the job training still a thing, or is a degree required if you want to switch fields?
  • Don’t forget to check out A Paranormal Chicks, an inclusive, southern, foul-mouthed deep dive into all things true crime and paranormal!

And in this week’s installment of After Dark, available on Patreon:

  • Inspired by our scams topic this week, we dig into an FTC report on the top types of fraud millennials encounter.
  • Laura and Andrew come clean about falling victim to a couple of scams – it’s easier to be susceptible than you think!
  • We enjoy punking scammers who call us, but we’re also aware of the need to watch out for social engineering!
  • Andrew has someone claim that he’s been impersonated on Grindr — but in light of today’s discussion, is this a scam too?

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