Episode #8×07: Kanye and Netflix Play Dirty, Debt Relief Tips, Lesser Known At-Home DNA Test Benefits

  • At the top of the show. we have an update on the developing situation with Russia and Ukraine. Check out our latest BREAKING NEWS benefit to hear more of our analysis!
  • Looking to shell out $200 for an 8 gig piece of trash? Yeezy’s got a deal for you!
  • Speaking of cash grabs, can we agree as a culture that split “final seasons” are so out? Give us weekly episode releases so we have something to look forward to in our miserable lives, Netflix!
  • Has Amazon Prime 2-day shipping turned us into brats?
  • A new Confessional sees an anonymous listener pursuing a debt relief service to get their credit card debt under control. One of our panelists also had to dig themselves out of credit card debt. What are the options?
  • If you’re seeking financial help, Laura recommends checking out the Foundation for Financial Planning, The National Foundation for Credit Counseling, and the US Department of Justice’s search tool for finding a credit counseling agency. 
  • Listener Kira joins us to speak about her profession, genetic counseling. She explains like we’re 5 what it means, and how it can help people.
  • Kira explains how genetic counseling can be beneficial to people looking to become parents later in life, and the resources prospective parents can turn to.
  • What are the ways in which direct-to-consumer DNA tests can be helpful?
  • In addition to the financial counseling resources Laura mentioned, we’ve got some recs to make you feel good AND educate you: Trader Joe’s recs: Vegetable Masala Burger, ‘Chunky Guacamole’ made with yogurt, veggie fried rice, Incredisauce, and Magnifisauce (Andrew), ‘I Want You Back’ on Prime Video (Pam), and The Genome Odyssey By Euan Ashley (Kira). 
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And in this week’s installment of After Dark, available on Patreon:

  • We’re joined by Kira and our social media manager Chloé to talk about all the Y2K trends of our youth making a comeback.
  • Are we ready to relive the trauma of lowrider jeans? No thank you!
  • Andrew can’t believe JNCO jeans were ever in, or that they’re coming back.
  • Which of us is approximately 80 years old and doesn’t understand torn/distressed jeans?

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