Episode #8×06: Cleaning and Organizing with TikTok’s @LenaCleansUp, Can OnlyFans Hurt Careers?, Farewell Magazines

  • UPDATE: Apple has announced plans to address AirTag stalking issues.
  • We are LIVING for the 2022 Super Bowl half-time show. LIVING. FOR. IT.
  • The Entertainment Weekly and InStyle publications will no longer produce magazines – when do we think they’ll start blaming millennials for this?
  • We’re joined this week by Lena of @LenaCleansUp to talk about how to lead a cleaner and more organized life! (Instagram | Tiktok)
  • Why did the interest in cleaning and organization see an uptick during the pandemic?
  • Lena shares what the most common cleaning challenges are for people, as well as her must-have cleaning products.
  • This week’s Confessional features a listener who is considering starting an OnlyFans to make ends meet. She asks… is this a fireable offense if my employer finds out?
  • We have some resources available for our Confessional writer: Job fired me due to my OnlyFans account (Reddit) | Colorado deputy with OnlyFans page retires with $30,000 settlement | Employment at-will
  • Thank you to #Millennial listener Tiara for also contributing to this discussion: See her OnlyFans accounts here and here
  • As always, we’ve got some recommendations for y’all: ‘Yellowstone’ on Peacock/Paramount+ (Andrew), watch Encanto in Spanish to work on your language learning skills (Laura), and subscribe to your favorite print publications if you don’t want to see them disappear (Pam).
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And in this week’s installment of After Dark, available on Patreon:

  • We got some tea, but we learned our lesson about giving too many specifics in show notes, so you’re just gonna have to listen.
  • Have we ever experienced nepotism in the workplace? Have we ever lost out on a promotion because of it?
  • What might be some genuine reasons for NOT getting a promotion, and how to ask for feedback.

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