Episode #6×30: Prank Calling Birthday Boy, Protesting the Postmaster, Controversial ‘Black-ish’ Finally Released

  • Kamala Harris was announced as Joe Biden’s running mate last week. Listen to our thoughts on the selection in our most recent edition of Breaking News!
  • It’s a very special podcast host’s birthday, which warrants a very special prank call. Happy birthday, Micah!
  • Thanks to everyone who pointed out that Andrew did indeed say last week’s taboo word (2020). Andrew takes 1.5 shots as his penance.
  • Queensland Australia is seeing a significant reduction in flu transmission as a result of Queenslanders following coronavirus-inspired hygiene practices.
  • While the Trumpster is at it again with the birther movement, Mike Pence vows to save America’s meat. 
  • Does Trump have a reason to be nervous about this election? We do an overview of which states are toss-ups, and which party has the most to lose in the Senate.
  • Being nervous about his election odds would certainly explain why our toddler-in-chief is trying to kill the U.S. Postal Service. (Note: This episode was recorded prior to statements on Tuesday by the Postmaster General)
  • We’ve got some tips to help make sure your vote is counted this fall!
  • As the ‘Rona climbs to the #3 cause of death in the United States, more schools are closing due to outbreaks mere days after opening.
  • ABC is finally releasing a 2018 episode of Black-ish that was pulled for being “too political.”
  • Does purchasing a novel from a known problematic author make a confessional writer a bad person? We’ll discuss enjoying problematic things in this week’s After Dark.
  • We’ve got some great recommendations for a cozy night in this week! Fall Guys on PS4 and Steam (Andrew), ReignBot on Youtube, and Juan Gil Silver Label red wine (Pam).
  • This week’s episode is sponsored by bioClarity (https://www.bioclarity.com and use code MIL for 15% off everything on their website), Raycon (https://www.buyraycon.com/mill for 15% off Raycon wireless earbuds), and Magic Spoon (https://www.magicspoon.com/MILL to get a variety pack of cereal and use promo code MILL at checkout for FREE shipping). Support #Millennial by supporting our sponsors!

And in this week’s installment of After Dark:

  • We make a Surprise Bitch! call to listener Madeleine, who fills us in on living in Austin and her hustles to get her through quarantine.
  • We revisit some of our old faves with a 2020 lens, and how we reconcile our enjoyment of them despite problematic elements.
  • Our parents are also revisiting their favorite TV shows while we’re at home, and cringing at some aspects of the stories that haven’t aged well.
  • There can be a fine line between taking a critical lens to entertainment and seeking to be critical in the name of call-out culture.