Episode #6×24: King v Rowling, Meteorology in the Age of Climate Change, Misinformation Crackdowns

JK Rowling is at it again, and this is just getting embarrassing. ?‍♀️ Meanwhile, Jenna Marbles is seemingly self-aware and has decided to remove herself from Youtube. We really don’t like this timeline.

  • With at least 14 states pausing or halting their re-opening plans in light of skyrocketing Covid-19 numbers, we examine our own quarantine adherence 4 months into the pandemic in the United States.
  • Meanwhile, people across the nation (including Vice President Pence) think masking requirements are a first amendment violation. Um…
  • Dear Leader continues to have a bad time: SCOTUS struck down Louisiana’s anti-abortion law, the New York Times broke a story about a suspected Russian plot to pay the Taliban to kill U.S. soldiers, his approval ratings continue to drag, and Facebook and Twitter are looking to crack down on misinformation.
  • Google That Shit makes a triumphant return, and this week’s theme is Gen Z vs Millennials.
  • We welcome BAE supporter Scott to the panel! Scott is a meteorologist, and has some science-based wisdom to share about climate change, weather alerts, and the infamous sharpie incident.
  • Will we be able to survive on Earth 100 years from now? What will be different? (Don’t worry, Scott has some news that will help you sleep somewhat comfortably.)
  • To learn more about climate change and weather patterns in general, Scott recommends checking out Highlights from the Fourth National Climate Assessment (2018) by the US Global Change Research Program and Climate.gov.
  • This week’s recommendations run the gamut: My Panera+ Coffee Subscription for free coffee all summer (Andrew), Glossier’s Futuredew (Laura), ‘Younger’ on Hulu (Pam), and Costco’s premade margarita mix (Scott).
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And in this week’s installment of After Dark, available on Patreon:

  • We pepper Scott with more questions about climate change, meteorology, and California wildfires #behindthepaywall.
  • Is the world ready for the massive infrastructure changes we’ll need to make to cope with climate change?
  • In a change of pace, we dig into the trend of shorter TV seasons we’re seeing on Netflix in particular. What are the pros and cons to shorter TV seasons?
  • Why is Netflix putting such a high volume of new content up all the time? Andrew has a theory.

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