Episode #6×16: Crank Calling The Governor, The Stupidest Things Presidents Ever Said, Weird Dreams During COVID-19

This week’s episode really shows our age, but we’re here with our thrown-out backs and quarantine drama to cover the latest, so buckle up!

  • Andrew threw out his back last week and was a total embarrassment during his first visit to the chiropractor.
  • We think it’s really nice that Kim Jong Un has decided Trump’s crazy is enough for the world right now (but really he prob dead).
  • Laura calls the Georgia Governor’s Mansion and requests a tour to celebrate the end of shelter in place.
  • Donald Trump makes his stupidest comments yet during the coronavirus pandemic. If an autocrat injects Clorox into his lungs and Dr. Fauci isn’t there to stop him, does anyone really care?
  • GAME: Andrew quizzes us about some of the stupidest things U.S. Presidents and Vice Presidents have said.
  • If you’ve been having weird dreams lately, the ‘rona may be to blame according to a UC Berkeley neuroscience professor.
  • Laura reveals some of her weirdest sleep talk moments, while Pam goes all Groot in her anxiety dreams.
  • BAE Choice: How to handle loud upstairs neighbors with children during the pandemic?
  • This week’s recommendations are big on the catharsis we all need: Disect, season 6 – Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ (Pam), Elderflower Liqueur (Laura), turning turnips on Andrew’s Animal Crossing island (Andrew).

And in this week’s installment of After Dark, available on Patreon:

  • The downside of homeownership: maintenance and neighbors.
  • Laura recounts what happened to her home, where she’s staying now, and what the next steps are.
  • But is the Hillary standee okay???
  • So. many. reasons. to. have. adequate. insurance (for homeowners and renters!). Don’t skimp – it’ll be a lifesaver when your neighbor’s water heater leaks all over your shit.

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