Episode #6×04: Iowa Caucus Bets, Hunger Games Prequel’s Big Reveal, Breaking Sad

Andrew’s on a Breaking Bad tour across the Southwestern US, and #Millennial is here to stop him from adopting a meth habit!

  • Basketball legend Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and several others were tragically killed in a freak helicopter crash over the weekend. The panel shares why even non-sport fans are so affected.
  • We predict who the winners of the upcoming Iowa caucus will be, and talk about why no oneĀ really knows how this will go.
  • Move over JKR: Suzanne Collins is giving us an origin story… about the Hunger Games trilogy’s most reviled villain.
  • The people have spoken: reusing gym clothes is GROSS. (Laura’s still gonna do it though.)
  • What was it like to grow up during the Bush-era abstinence-only sex education push?
  • Our BAEs have some great questions for us this week: Which movie could we watch back to back? What do we wish we’d done differently when preparing to move in with our partners? How to battle jetlag?
  • Impeachment is turning out to be less of a dud than the GOP hoped for, and we’re here for it.
  • This week’s recommendations start out disturbing and end pretty wholesome: Polluting the planet (WTF Andrew), Pravanna hair color (Laura), and Anthony Padilla’s “I Spent A Day With” series (Pam).
  • This week’s episode is sponsored by ThirdLove (https://www.thirdlove.com/MILLENNIAL for 15% off your first order), Rothy’s (https://www.rothys.com/mill to get your new favorite flats), and LoveBook (https://www.LoveBookOnline.com/mill to receive a 20% discount). Support #Millennial by supporting our sponsors!

And in this week’s installment of After Dark, available on Patreon:

  • Our latest takes on online behavior. If you’re a dick online, are you prepared for the consequences?
  • Should Facebook groups be considered safe spaces compared to the wild west of the internet?
  • Why is JK Rowling surprised people are doubting her intentions nowadays? Should she clarify her position?

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